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MAHO 800Four-axis milling machine

Overall size 800 x 600 x 500


ZMM BulgariaClassic turning machine

Overall size 560 x 1500


MAHO 1000Three-axis milling machine

Overall size 1000 x 700 x 800


EMAGCNC turning machine

Overall size 700 x 1000


Mecanica CD

The main subjects of activity of S.C. Mecanica CD S.R.L. are the complex and highly precise mechanical machining and ironworks. We produce a wide range of machined parts in steel, cast iron, bronze, brass, aluminum, according to the documents received from the client, iron works with maximum overall size 5m x 5m x2,5m. Pieces made by mechanical machining can be also heat treated, improved, case-hardened, nitrided, heat treatments that are done in collaboration with specialized companies in the neighborhood.


  • Adress : Romania, Jud.S─âlaj, Zalau, Str. Fabricii, Nr. 10
  • Phone : +40260611397
  • Fax : +40260611397
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  • Tel :+40742773349